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Build a stool – plant a tree – father a son


Woodworking school and joinery in Belarus

woodworking school belarus

Since the beginning of time, we all know three precepts that are the most important to every man: build a house, plant a tree, father a son. However, the world has changed a lot over all this time, as well as the precepts have changed themselves. They do not apply strictly to men anymore: ladies could also have a taste for such deeds. Instead of planting a tree at home one can start at least with a rubber plant. You can raise both a son and a daughter. But building a house right away might not work on the first try. So why not start with building a stool? But if you skipped shop classes back at school for some reason and paid no attention to everything connected with stools and how to build them, don’t be upset. From now on, you have an opportunity to attend the first private woodworking school in Belarus! Now you can take a plane or any other BAHCO instrument and get down to business!

And who is the one to thank for such an opportunity? A lovely place called woodworking shop IZDEREVA.BY located in the very centre of Minsk (13 Severny Lane).

IZDEREVA.BY isn’t just a place full of saws and pieces of timber. It is a family business established in 1982; several generations have put their heart and soul into it. Not only do they understand how to work with this ‘warm’ material and put their knowledge into practice crafting furniture out of different woods but also they are eager to share woodwork secrets with those who will come to the IZDEREVA.BY woodworking school.

If you decide to sign up for a woodworking school course or you are already familiar with woodwork and you just want to come and try out our instruments or even buy them right away, you surely won’t regret: woodwork takes your mind off things and gives you an opportunity to just dedicate your time to art. Moreover, the friendly and family-like atmosphere in the workshop will only create favourable conditions for your art process.

If you decide to purchase a piece of furniture made in the workshop or any other thing you could possibly take a fancy to, you most certainly shouldn’t worry about the quality of the chosen good: the phrase “they do it as good as if they were going to use it themselves” is the best way to define the approach of the IZDEREVA.BY team.

And in addition to all that, you can buy a certificate for the IZDEREVA.BY woodworking classes, which would be a pretty good and even exotic gift for any occasion both for a man and a woman.

Welcome aboard!

Woodworking courses:

Basic original course "Introduction to woodworking" 32 HOURS 1 week

(group - 7 people)

520 USD (to be paid in BYN)

Read more >>>

Basic course "Hand router" 32 HOURS 1 week

750 USD (to be paid in BYN)

Read more >>>

Contact or apply for a woodworking course now:

Mobile +375 29 6545135 Dmitry


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